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Expect The Extras With Chevron ExtraMile ® Convenience Stores!

Expect The Extras With Chevron ExtraMile!

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  • Extra Efficient Extra efficient

    Each store is designed so you can find what you need quickly to be on your way.

  • Extra Appreciation Extra appreciation

    Receive a free item on every 5th purchase with ExtraMile Extras™ rewards.

  • Extra Value Extra value

    Every deals and special offers for incredible values.

  • Extra Efforts Extra efforts

    Our clean, well-lit stores and friendly staff help ensure an extra enjoyable visit.

  • Extra Convenience Extra Convenience

    Fill up your car with Chevron with Techron gasoline while filling up with food and drinks.

What's the ExtraMile Difference?
Take the tour and see for yourself...
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A convenience store where extras happen every day
At ExtraMile convenience stores, we're committed to providing a better in-store experience by focusing on the extras that make us the choice for "grab-and-go" convenience.
What Are The Extras?
What Are The Extras?
Exceptional staff, cleanliness and lighting throughout the store.
Creating specialty areas like the HydraZone for the items you want most.
Easy to earn rewards with our Extramile Extras™ Reward program.
Incredible value with our EveryDay Deals and specials offers.
Gas that helps your car perform its best.
Extra Efficient Extra efficient Extra Appreciation Extra appreciation Extra Value Extra value Extra Efforts Extra efforts Extra Convenience Extra Convenience